Simrans is proud to introduce and offer catering services in HCM. Whether it’s a high-powered seminar, staff training or celebrating a special occasion at your work place, we provide a selection of mouth-watering snacks to delight all.
With over 10 years of honing our recipes, our business has grown mainly by word of mouth, incorporating feedback from our regular, satisfied customers and constant R&D to keep up with the evolving taste buds of our clients in Saigon.
All our snacks are freshly prepared using only the best ingredients in a clean and hygienic environment and specially formulated recipes prepared by the owners themselves.
We work hand-in-hand with each other, spend time and effort to help you plan your events and take great care to impress your guests, colleagues, family and friends.…
Our regular clientele include MNCs, Consulates, local SMEs, International Schools, Universities,International F&B chain stores and many more…
To compliment any joyous celebration with great snack food, please feel free to call Simrans for friendly and efficient catering service.

Example of Menu

Menu 1 – Breakfast 
Menu 2 – Coffee Break 
 1.   Whole wheat sandwiches  1.   Chocolate Mousse – individual servings
 2.   Banana & Walnut Bread (sliced)  2.   Cookies – choco chips, Cinnamon, Coconut (3 types)
 3.   Mini Muffins – choco chip, banana choco chips (2 types)    3.   Cake- Carrot w/cream cheese, Chocolate Mud (2 types)
 4.   Almond Biscotti  4.   Coffee Brownies
 5.   Granola with Yogurt – individual servings  5.   Mini Cupcakes – red velvet, passion fruit (2 types)
 6.   Oatmeal Cookies (30gms/6 cms diameter) approx.  6.    Savory Tarts
We are happy to customize the menu items, dishes to meet your expectations and special requirements.  Double Click below to view