Our Ingredients

Simrans offer you a significant point of difference with the ingredients we use to bake your luscious cakes and cookies. The highest attention to detail is given to every cake.

We use imported butter in our products. Butter does not leave a fatty residue in your mouth as does margarine. Butter offers the most flavor in addition to quality moistening and tenderizing.

Dark Chocolate is used in all our cakes. This chocolate is made from cocoa bean and liquor and set on cocoa butter.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
A wide array of fresh fruits including bananas, mangoes, carrots, oranges, pumpkins, lemon, beet root are used to meet the needs of today’s health conscious.

Fresh Cream
All our cream cakes are made with imported cream. We use Wilton icing colors to do decorations on our cakes.

Include freshly ground cinnamon, mixed spices among others to add the perfect sensations.

We flavor all products with quality ingredients whether its baileys irish cream, white rum, vanilla essence or rose water etc.

Simrans has been providing fresh, fantastic tasting and beautifully designed cakes to customers across Saigon.

All are hand made FRESH in our own premises to our own recipes
We’re delighted to receive appreciation from our customers, raving about our unique fillings and coverings. These include: Almond Marzipan, Pecan Nuts, Macadamias, Walnuts, Fresh home made curd and cottage cheese, Flaked Almonds, Fresh cream etc

Delivery – On-time and FRESH
A major benefit many customers often comment on, in particular to Birthday parties and regular corporate clients, is our commitment to providing timely delivery. Beyond our dedication to supply our cakes on time, we also guarantee that the cake arrives boxed, labelled and in perfect conditioned every time.

All our products have a unique blend of ingredients. The aroma can easily drool ones sensations.

The recipes have been mastered over years of experience, and thus our home baked treats will always have that special touch that store bought items will never quite capture.

It’s the thought and love that go into creating a sweet or savory creation especially for you.

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